Real estate in Ukraine

Starting a real estate business in Ukraine
Among the promising destinations of investing in Ukraine real estate is by no means the last one. It is especially demanded in major cities, where investors can choose residential or commercial real estate, or invest in allotments for agricultural business.

Invest in Ukraine real estate is represented by numerous offers available on the market, which make the investment in real estate even more attractive. By means of competent investment of funds, an investor will be able to generate decent profit and expect a quick payback of the purchased spaces.

Advantages of investing in real estate

The real estate market in Ukraine is full of new-built and resale real estate: developers keep regularly announcing new residential complexes and business centers that enjoy stable and high demand. By choosing real estate investment in Ukraine, an investor will surely obtain:
  1. Quick payback – residential real estate pays off in 8.5 years on average, and commercial one – within 7-10 years.
  2. High demand for commercial spaces due to tightening business areas.
  3. High profitability – in regional centers and the capital, real estate annually generates 12%-15% of its value.

Opportunity to purchase residential property in resort areas for subsequent renting. This is especially popular at sea and ski resorts, as well as locations with thermal springs and healing muds that enjoy a stable flow of tourists.

Is it reliable?

Real estate investment in Ukraine is especially demanded by investors working in the field of problem-plagued and high-risk real estate transactions. Bank auctions make it possible to investing in real estate in Ukraine at a profit since there are regular offers at 40%-50% of their real price.

In 2018, investments in commercial real estate alone amounted to $773 billion, with this indicator further increasing every year. Since the Western countries' assets are currently limited and extremely expensive, Ukraine real estate investment will become a perfect option.

We will help you to find a profitable offer, to perform investment procedures smoothly and legalize the transaction. Ukrainian real estate can start generating profit for you right now if you trust a reliable mediation by our company.

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